Real Life Beauty Makeup vs. Instagram Makeup

 Makeup trends of the digital age vs. classic beauty makeup

   Anybody that knows me professionally is well aware that I will deliver what ever a client wants for a makeup style. With that said, I will offer my opinion when I think that in the long run (looking at your wedding photos in 20 years or standing face to face with your grad date) someone may be happier with a less is more approach to their makeup application.

   I understand the theatrical appeal of Instagram makeup and I realize that every generation in history has tried to re-invent the wheel in order to not be associated with the generation before it. That in mind with how impressionable we are when it comes to our aesthetic makes it very easy for us to fall victim to trends that may not flatter us.

Makeup trends – 70’s, 80’s, 90,’s, 2000 Google images & ABH photos

   What I don’t understand is that millennials are the first generation to be born into a fully digital age.  From very early on most young people (under 18 years old) have a full understanding of digital imagery and post editing (filters & Photoshop).  They should know that what we do to alter images may not be achievable with manual techniques, yet they’re still convinced that their everyday makeup should look like the after effects of using photo editing apps and filters.  I guess that thought leads into a discussion about the media and it’s influence on our perception of beauty but I’ll put a pin in that for now.  Instead,  I’ll just say that many makeup artists, myself included would encourage you to break down the makeup trends of late (contouring, baking, false lashes, ect) and really decide if that’s what you want in real life when you’re attending a special occasion or on a day to day basis and in close proximity to others.  Many techniques that you see on social media are intended for film/video, photography, or stage and don’t translate well into the real world.  Not too mention that some of these trends are time consuming and costly. 
  Here are a couple of my favorite videos from experienced working makeup artists ( Pixiwoo and Jordan Liberty) on the trend of Instagram makeup.  Enjoy and remember that I’m just a click away if you ever want to discuss these or any other makeup techniques.
   **Watch Jordan Liberty to the end for the model’s reaction to her Instagram look.  Giggles.**

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