Makeup Lessons

Beauty Bootcamp for Teens

Are you trying to replicated looks shown on Instagram or decipher ‘beauty speak’ of makeup gurus on YouTube? I can help you learn how to achieve those styles and get your makeup on point. mG Artistry Beauty Boot Camp will be a great way for teens to spend time with friends as well as learn valuable information about skincare, cosmetics and makeup application.

DIY Bridal Makeup Workshop

mG Artistry DIY Bridal Makeup Workshop will help you design your dream bridal makeup look and learn to apply it on yourself in a relaxed non retail environment. Through a combination of videos, demonstrations and hands on instruction you’ll feel confident to purchase the cosmetics that you’ll need to recreate your beautiful wedding day makeup.

Self-Made Beauty Makeup Workshop

The internet is an amazing wealth of knowledge, sometimes too amazing. Now, more than ever, we have up to the date information on products, techniques and trends but we also get mixed signals on what to use, how to use it and what we really need to create a polished look. The mG Artistry Self Made Beauty Makeup Workshop is beauty basic techniques customized specifically for you and enhancing your appearance.

Beauty Bloomers Workshop

Do you feel that online makeup tutorials don’t speak to the your concerns about aging skin? Do you find that your usual makeup application is no longer an easy process or not giving satisfying results? mG Artistry Beauty Bloomers Makeup Workshops are for women who wish to create a revitalized appearance on aged skin with a natural beauty makeup look.

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