Helping you face the world with confidence

Paramedical and corrective makeup application is near to my heart.  I believe that nobody should feel less confident or ashamed because of a skin abnormality that they have no choice in.  There are many products to conceal and camouflage uneven tone and techniques to minimize certain textures.  Add to this, I use what I call, ‘smoke and mirrors’ to take focus away from one area and draw the eye somewhere else.
Most women have insecurities about their skin.  Flaws that others can barely see we magnify in our own mind and sometimes become obsessed on concealing them with makeup or correcting with expensive procedures.  I won’t trivialize the worry that your imperfections may cause you by saying, “it could be worse,” because the situation doesn’t have to be worse to be very real and troublesome to you.

Personal experience helps me find solutions for your specific concerns

Some of our flaws are to some degree manageable, for example, acne, sun damage, and pre-mature aging.  Our concern for these can inspire us to make much needed changes in order to properly care for our skin.  Other irregularities are completely out of our control and can cause anxiety to a point that interferes with work, relationships and self esteem (scars, birthmarks, hyper-pigmentation).  Sometimes we must accept our flaws as minor imperfections and embrace that we are not perfect in every way.  Those with serious skin issues that may be preventing them from living life to the fullest should have the option to correct and conceal their skin irregularities with the proper knowledge and tools.

I’m on a constant quest to learn about skin types and afflictions of the skin as well as products made specifically to treat and cover skin irregularities.  In my late 20’s I started to notice the results of my carefree unprotected sun baking lifestyle that was my teens.  I now have irreversible severe hyper-pigmentation.  Along with this, I’m graced with large pores and oily complexion in the areas of the uneven skin tone.  You could say I won the trifecta of skin challenges. In my search to find long lasting, skin smoothing concealers with maximum coverage I have learned about dozens of products, techniques and procedures to deal with sun damage and other skin conditions.   I can bring this knowledge to the table when we are addressing your skin concerns.
I make every effort to use products that are reasonably priced and accessible to you.  I ensure that you are comfortable with the application techniques that I teach you so you can confidently conceal the problem areas on your own.

During a consultation we can discuss the origin/nature of your skin irregularity, treatment ideas, suitable products for camouflaging the problem area and lastly, show you techniques for covering it.