Sexy and Beautiful?  Ya, you are!

Let me show you

As a woman I have a firm grasp on the body issues that we must overcome.  I also know that you need to teach yourself to be aware of your sensuality and beauty.  As a makeup artist who has worked with many clients during their glamour and boudoir photography sessions in Edmonton, Puerto Rico, and New Orleans I can show you that you most definitely are a beautiful sensual being and that our body issues really are a matter of perception.

Edmonton makeup artist will design custom makeup styles for you

Boudoir photography makeup is about making you feel worthy and empowered as well as looking beautiful and sexy; no matter what that looks like to you.  Before the photography starts we will get to know each other (if we haven’t already) and take inventory of your outfits so that I can get a feel for what direction you are going with the shoot.  I will ask questions about your make up routine, your lifestyle, your favorite features, and what makeup look you are wanting to achieve.

Makeup can help you channel whoever you are portraying in the images

You have most likely come a long way in making the decision to have glamour or boudoir portraits taken and for this you deserve to have a wonderful experience where you are pampered with hair styling and a makeup application that enhances your features and mirrors your personality (or perhaps your alter ego).   There is a school of thought that makeup for photography needs to be heavier than what you normally wear.  Well, if you don’t ever wear makeup then anything that I put on you is more than what you usually wear therefore, I don’t have to make it heavy to be right for photography.  I just have to make sure the foundation, and eye shadow is well blended and the blush, contour and eyeliner are well placed.  Makeup for boudoir photography can be but, does not have to be trashy.  It can be soft, colorful, subtle, and romantic or have a no makeup look at all.   Most importantly the makeup look that we style for you must make you feel gorgeous, focus on your eyes, and bring you out of your shell so you can shine in front of the lens.

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