Winter Beauty Makeup


Changing of the seasons can add challenges to our existing list of skin care concerns and makeup applications.  Those of us that live in a dry climate like Alberta, Canada get little reprieve from a lack of moisture in the air.  There is dry heat in the summer and dry cold in the winter adding dehydration to whatever skin type we’re already treating.  With this lack of moisture your skin can look sallow and makeup applied will seem dull.
Whether your skin is dry (lack of oil), oily or aging you can easily add a boost of hydration to your usual skin care regime with a single product. Serums can be layered under your regular facial creams to quench your thirsty skin.

Neostrata Moisture Infusion 24 Hr Hydrating Serum  gives you substantial long lasting hydration and protects against environmental aggressions.   Bioderma, which is a staple skin care line for many makeup artists, has Hydrabio Serum which helps the skin to retain much needed moisture.  Avène Hydrance Advanced Hydrating Serum contains encapsulated Avène Thermal Spring water which helps to calm sensitive skin.
Hydrating serums are instant relief to tight uncomfortable skin and can even be added to water based foundations to transform them into tinted moisturizers.

Don’t forget to address dehydration from the inside and add essential fatty acids to your diet.  If you don’t eat fish on a regular basis you may want to supplement with salmon oil, krill oil or flax seed oil.  These lubricate the skin which will help it to retain moisture.

Photos:  Taylor Dauvin Photography
Model:  Nakita Kohan
Fred Johns Park, Leduc Alberta

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