Bridal Makeup 2017

On Trend vs. Classic Wedding Day Makeup. No Holds Barred.



My number one professional recommendation when it comes to bridal makeup is to choose a classic look.  With that in mind, I also strongly believe in delivering exactly what a client wants.  The fact of the matter is there are many makeup styles to choose from and you should wear which ever one makes you happy now and when you look at your wedding photos years down the road.  My number two recommendation is to do your research and narrow your ideas down to a couple of favorite looks.  Great references for this are wedding websites like or Pinterest.   That way, you and your makeup artist are working as a team on your wedding day; creating a beauty style that will fit right into your wedding story.


For information on designing a classic wedding day makeup look or help on deciding whether to hire a professional makeup artist to apply your bridal makeup check out Bride Beautiful.  I’m currently booking bridal makeup trial runs and wedding day makeup appointments for 2017.

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