Edmonton Makeup Artist; Fearless in Italy Pt. 1

Surprises Around Every Cobblestone Corner

It almost seems irrelevant to write about Fearless 2015, Destination Boudoir Woman’s Retreat.  So much has happened since our European beauty/art adventure in makeup and photography but, even though 2016 is so firmly established, I’m reminded that there is still at least eight months before the next trip.  So, until there are new Fearless memories, I guess it’s always a good time to reminisce.
Italy held as many surprises for me as lack of expectations that I had for her.  I was fully prepared to be enamoured by her art, history and culture but I may have underestimated what Italia had in her arsenal of seduction.

No Beauty Sleep….Just Gelato

Star Newman (Acts of Beauty Photography) and I landed very late in the evening at Firenze Airport, Peretolo and after a brief explanation to a rookie customers officer of my many unmarked supplements and digestive aids (my brain jet sets – my lower intestine is planted firmly in a routine on home turf) we vowed to drop immediately into bed so as to get  an early start in the morning.  Our cab drove through the maze of tiny streets and past the vibrant plazas of Florence, Italy and our second wind exploded into a gust of energy as we pulled up in front of our little rented apartment.  Familiar faces hung out of the open window offering welcoming squeals as local exotic urbanites casually cruising the tiny sidewalk seemed unphased.  Ppffff…… there was no sleeping……
A quick change and makeup refresh (OK.  A makeup artist has a different idea of quick than her anxious companion’s but, I gotta represent) and then off for some midnight Gelato.  Not only was that a taste of the local delicacy it was a tease of what the city had to offer in the near waking hours.

Espresso, Siesta and Pop Music in the Plaza

In the morning Star and Colette set off to the airport to retrieve one more destination boudoir client.  Debbie took me two doors down for a much need espresso.  We browsed the shops and markets along the cobblestone walkways and I soon learned the first cultural lesson that took me almost the whole trip to get used to.  It is still customary in Italy to siesta.  Which means restaurants, shops and markets are closed from 2-4pm.  If there is anything to agitate jet lag it would be to mess with regular meal and sleep patterns.  I hadn’t had my first cup of caffeine til noon, a bit of a pastry shortly after that and no lunch until after 4pm.  It was a good thing that I was kept occupied with the charm of old world architecture, fabulous fashion designs in shop windows and amazing art scattered about to distract me from my hunger.
The evening stroll included another reunion with more clients and models from Alberta Canada, exploring the statues of Piazza della Signoria and another broken promise of an early bedtime.  All to be said is that there was live music and beautiful people everywhere……surely you can understand my lack of commitment to sleep.

Up next….

A rustic hillside villa in the Province of Terni, Italy is the perfect place to do hair and makeup for boudoir photography…….
..more Italian adventures to come.

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