Makeup artist for print advertising and Edmonton television productions

I have been fortunate enough to do hair and makeup for television and advertising projects lead by very talented and experienced people within the industries;  helping teams deliver what the directors/producers need to ensure the success of television commercials, training videos, public service announcements, print ads and more.
Showing up prepared to prep the actors or models for any hair and makeup look and anticipating touch ups or changes on set are just part of my job.  Sometimes I may be one of the first contacts that the talent make on set so I take pride in representing the photographer, crew or production company.  I do my best to make sure the talent is comfortable and relaxed.  After taking care of  any initial business they might have with the crew and a review of the concept I will begin makeup and hair mindful of time constraints and production schedules.

I find that I must keep an open line of communication with those in charge to keep the project on track. There are changes in script and schedules that I will watch for.  As well, I look for feedback before shooting to make sure that we are all on the same page.

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