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Edmonton Fashion Photographer April Cormier of April Cormier Photography uses classic beauty with modern style.  I love working concepts with her because she always celebrates femininity and  incorporates color in the makeup and wardrobe.

I asked April a few details about her start in photography and what drives her passion.

Q & A

mG – Where are you from?
AC – I’m from New Brunswick and I moved to Alberta close to 11 years ago.
mG – Where did you study or mentor photography?
AC – When I turned 17 I realized that my interest in photography was growing so I took a 5 hour course with a local photographer to learn how to use my camera on manual mode. Throughout the years I developed my own style of shooting along with post processing. I also attended two workshops, one in New York with Lara Jade and the other in Ireland with Emily Soto.
mG – Do you have other education in design, fashion, arts, ect?
AC – I studied arts and sewing in high school. I made a lot of my own clothes in my late teens. Sometimes I’d buy thrift shop clothing and re-purpose them to my liking.
*Special note: I asked that question because I think April is widely talented at stylizing her shoots and often does makeup and hair. Turns out she is multi-gifted.

mG – What inspired you to start photography?
AC – My inspiration to start photography was kind of a series of events. My mom registered me for modeling classes in my early teens which led me to like modeling and fashion. So I started watching a lot of Fashion Television with Jeanne Beker. My interest in photography followed shortly after. I was always the one to carry a camera around. Whether it was at school, parties or outings with my friends. Every time I would photograph landscapes I could envision a beautiful subject in a fashion atmosphere but I never imagined that day would happen, that I would get to be a fashion photographer.
mG – What is your favorite type of photos to shoot?
AC – Definitely fashion. I love how artists gather together and create art that I get to capture on film. It’s the most amazing feeling.
mG – What artist or business person (living or not) do you admire?
AC – I admire my parents for all their hard work, their support and love for my brother and I.
mG – What is your Holy Grail? In other words, what would be the ultimate photo shoot, job or assignment for you?
AC – A successful career as a fashion photographer.

Go to April Cormier Photography to see more of April’s work.
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