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mG-Artistry-Michelle-Grad-makeup-artist I can’t express the gratitude to all of you that would display the joy that that I experienced in 2017.  Thanks to all of my clients, associates, family and friends for a fantastic year of success and growth.  
  Once again my career has taken me places that I couldn’t imagine.  At the start of 2017 I began a position with a cosmetic line that I’ve admired for years.  As a selling specialist for Make Up For Ever I was able to train with some of the best makeup artists in the country and I continuted to meet more amazing artists, business leaders and clients in the Sephora world.   As well as a selling specialist for MUFE I continued my work with Cover FX.  Again, making friends and meeting new clients while working with a brand that I love.
  As summer started I embraced the idea to just ask and see what would happen.  Well I asked, and what happened was more new friendships and creative collaborations with super talented models, photographers, stylists, hair dressers, actors and film people.  I rounded out the year on the annual Acts of Beauty Photography Fearless Women’s Retreat in Bali, Indonesia.  This trip blind sided me.  Although South East Asia was never a destination in my radar, it turned out to be the most life altering trip so far ( stay tuned for highlights in future blogs).  The two week retreat was full of reconnecting and forging new friendships, exciting adventures, exploring culture and beauty.  Not to mention meeting some makeup challenges that I’ve never experienced.  If necessity is the mother of invention then I became the godmother of humidity proof makeup. 

 Prelude to the amazing

   Once again,  thank you.  Thank you for the support, the faith, the willingness, the patronage, the creativity, the love and the patience.  I feel that the tail spin of 2017 is only going to accelerate me into more great projects and relationships in the new year.

With love & gratitude,


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