Specializing in wedding makeup & styling for photography –

I am an experienced make-up artist in greater Edmonton, I specialize in beauty make-up for all occasions: weddings, boudoir photography, and fashion.  I have had the pleasure of working with professional models for fashion photography, editorials and advertising; but I find it even more rewarding to help everyday people feel like models.  I have been providing onsite makeup services since 1991.  Whether you’re a bride, in a wedding party, having portraits taken, or attending a special occasion check out the service descriptions or galleries to see how expertly applied makeup could add to your style for the event.

So, if you’re interested in booking an appointment for onsite make-up artistry lets talk.   I can answer all of your questions about the cosmetics that I use, skincare, and help you come up with a makeup style.  You can let me know the time and location of the appointment – my studio is completely mobile so I can meet where it’s convenient and comfortable for you.

I can spend all day teaching people how beautiful they are –

I truly love what I do, which drives me to continually improve by learning about new cosmetics, techniques and skincare.  Working in the beauty industry (both retail and freelance) for the last 25 years, I’ve come to know how to use makeup techniques to bring out the best in someone’s appearance.  Almost more importantly to me, I have also come to know how to help my clients feel beautiful, in a way that’s both empowering and liberating.  I can help you realize your physical beauty by applying and helping you learn how to apply cosmetics, skincare and style for your special occasion, or for everyday life.

When I’m facilitating a makeup tutorial, applying bridal makeup or a designing creative makeup for a shoot I thrive on delivering satisfaction beyond expectation just so I can see clients get excited about their look and the experience in achieving it.  I enhance your look with beauty makeup, color and style.

Together let’s turn beauty into art –

Collaboration with other artists sparks my creativity.  Working with makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion designers, photographers, models and media professionals can be exhilaratingly challenging and blissfully gratifying.  We share ideas and experiences to bring visions to life and the rewards sometimes go beyond the finished product.

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